Introducing Elasta-Seal™

Elasta-Seal™ (patented), is the most advanced penetration fire seal available. This unique system represents a fourth generation in fire seal development.

Elasta-Seal eliminates cracks and openings which often occur in other sealing materials that do not stretch. The Elasta-Seal surface is an ELASTOMERIC, (i,e., rubber like) fire retardant that adheres tightly to trays, conduits, cables, etc., allowing them to move within the penetration seal like the fingers in a rubber glove, Elasta-Seal is the only economical sealing system.

  • Have been U.L Classified, ULC Classified & F.M Approved
  • Meets all IE,E.E-634 1978 requirements.
  • Easiest product on the market to re-enter and re-seal.
  • Remains permanently ELASTOMERIC.
  • Neat, attractive, paintable finish.
  • Waterproof, excellent for exterior exposure.
  • Seals any opening size, depth and shape.
  • Available with blast shields where required for Petro-Chemical installations.
  • Not adversely affected by Hypalon cable insulation.

  Elasta-Seal confines the hazards of fire, smoke and toxic fumes while effectively sealing out dust, water and other contaminants.
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wall & floor penetration fire stop
wall & floor penetration fire stop
wall & floor penetration fire stop
wall & floor penetration fire stop
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Wall & floor penetration fire stop -Fire Seal. Sealing system.